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Cardiovascular Assessment Device

At Unity Health, we use a cutting-edge cardiovascular testing device called "The Max Pulse." This device is an FDA Cleared, non-invasive, Class II medical device. This device uses a proprietary algorithm to detect and interpret arterial pulse waves utilizing a pulse oximeter. This pulse wave analysis provides vital information, displayed on easy-to-interpret results sheets, which show a patient's arterial flexibility and autonomic nervous system state.

What is Nutrigenomic Testing?

Nutrigenomics testing is available to validate your specific nutritional supplements needs. Our testing accurately identifies each patients' genetic protein variations to identify sites of metabolic weakness. These key proteins are involved in enzyme conversion, nutritional delivery and signaling pathways in the cell. Our testing evaluates up to 55 of the most common, research backed single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that can affect a patient's ability to regain and maintain their metabolic functionlaity. Abnormalities in specific polymorphisms can negatively affect many physiological and metabolic processes. Overcoming these metobolic weaknesses with the right supplement allows each patient to overcome their genetic weaknesses and maintain optimal health.

Environmental Toxins Test

What Markers Are Measured With This Test? 39 different toxins and EDC Pesticides/herbicides (such as glyphosate) Volatile organic compounds plasticizers (including BPA) Parabens 20 different heavy metals (Including lead, Mercury and arsenic)


Now offering Semiglutide for weight loss

Obesity is currently an epidemic and still on the rise, as is Diabetes. Sometimes, no matter what we do or eat, we just cannot lose weight. This can be due to hormonal disorders such as PCOS, Insulin Resistance, and EDC, which are only a few areas of specialties for Dr. Gal.

Digestive Disorders

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms identified below and looking for answers, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Gal today! Chronic Disease Autoimmune Disorders Inflammation Headaches Weight Gain Depression Fatigue Anxiety Joint Pain Brain Fog Memory Loss Low Sex Drive Poor Immune Function


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can severely impair your day-to-day activities and responsibilities. Unfortunately, it is extremely common as well as hard to diagnose. Because of that, we've seen many patients get misdiagnosed with psychological disorders down to the occasional bout of exhaustion when addressing Chronic Fatigue. However, Dr. Gal understands there is always a root cause for your symptoms, and finding that cause is essential in managing the symptoms and living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Our world is polluted with chemicals. Most are invisible, and they disrupt our hormone system. These are called Endocrine Disrupting Compounds. Dr. Gal has become somewhat of an expert on the matter and has given a national lecture on how they interact with our Thyroid.

Men and Women's Hormone Health

Dr. Gal practices Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy ("HRT") in Myrtle Beach, SC. This form of HRT replaces the deficient hormones with the same exact hormone that has been lost, which helps to minimize side effects seen with non-identical hormones.


Stress is the body's natural response when in fight or flight mode. This is very beneficial under normal circumstances; however, it wreaks havoc on both our mind and body when it is out of balance and overactive. Stress reduction through meditation, exercise, and minimizing precipitating factors are the key to wellness and sometimes hard to manage alone.

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